Made in China

Made in China


Yes! That’s Right, I said it…”Made in China”… Look at those 3 simple words that we have become accustomed to seeing daily. They have become the norm… Pick up a toy, computer, phone… Look at most tags stitched into your clothing and you will see these 3 words put together. They are little but represent the cancer cells that have entered into the American body. WOW, you might think that is a little extreme but let me tell you the Truth… America, has been falling apart and we are to blame. You see, roughly about 10 years ago the United States of America fought hard to get China accepted into the “WTO”. The (World Trade Organization). The WTO is a partnership between the top trading Countries. In this partnership, rules have been put in place and all partners trade goods and products back and forth to each other (Exporting & Importing). Being in this organization benefits everyone. The WTO enforces Labor & Trading laws to create a safe and equal playing field for all involved. If a Country fails to play by the rules… Penalties will be put on them and they will suffer economically.

Once we got our way and got China inducted into the WTO everything started going down hill for the United States. Our Leaders said that it was a good idea because we could enforce labor laws and crack down on sweat shops. They said we would be opening up huge markets to sell our products in… None of this has happened. Instead, China has played a perfect game of Chess with the United States. Thus the current down fall… I don’t blame China but instead look to our leader’s for answer’s as to why they have let this happen??? Since China entered the WTO, America has had 55,000 Factories with 30 or more employees shut down. 8 Million jobs have been lost due to out-sourcing our work to China. 1 in 7 Americans right now is on food stamps… and it just trickles down… Over 24% of Americans are either working just part-time or are unemployed. Families that were middle class just a few years ago are homeless now. Families are also breaking apart due to high stress levels… Crime and drug abuse is running rapid in our streets and our middle class is slowly disappearing.

Many of the top decision makers in this Country are of the belief that America can no longer compete against the cheap labor of China. They say that we need to change to a service oriented society and that manufacturing in America is a thing of the past… THEY ARE WRONG! This Country was built on manufacturing. Manufacturing brings a good wage for a hard days work… Service brings a lower wage and puts us always in a position where we are dependant on other’s for their generosity. China is cheating! They are not following the rules and are taking advantage of the US and their own people. They purposefully devalue their currency (Yen) by up to 40% to gain an advantage in trading with America. They use slave labor and subsidize their work force to gain an advantage which forces American Companies to close their door’s… Here in the United States we not only play by the rules but we pay the highest Corporate Tax Rate out of the top 60 trading Countries (35%). Our Government gives tax breaks to those who ship American Jobs over sea’s and penalize those who try to keep them here. America is in bad shape and it is only getting worse…

The time for Change is Now! We can out-compete the World and will do so… Prices in China are rising… Labor is rising… Shipping cost are rising… The cost of Manufacturing in China is rising and quality is taking a dive as a Country tries to cut cost! Americans are becoming wiser to the schemes of our competitors and for the first time we are hearing our Leaders talk about holding China accountable for their trade practices. If the United States steps up and gives our manufactures a chance… America will be Great Again! We need to lower Corporate Taxes to encourage business growth. This will result in new business which will produce new employment opportunities, which will then generate a greater percentage of employment taxes back to the Government & States. It’s time that the Government reaps the benefits of having working¬† Americans paying their fair share of taxes instead of supporting unemployed workers on welfare. As far as business’s go… Would you rather have 50,000 Companies paying a 35% tax rate or have 500,000 paying 10%? How much tax revenue would the employees from 500,000 business’s pay our government. That is one huge piece to the pie when trying to bring down our 15 Trillion Dollar National Debt. (Which is mostly held by China)

Titan America is dedicated to this Great Country. We strive every day to do our part in “bringing Jobs back to America”. We are stepping up to set the pace and to lead by example. Manufacturer’s can compete and we can overcome the obstacles that have been put before us… This blog is one way in which I personally will be striving to bring attention to a serious problem. We will seek the answers together and will strive to make America Great Again… Please Join with me in a fight to “Bring Job’s Back to America”. Pay attention to the tags on your purchased items and make sure that they say “Made in America”. Together we can bring change…

Till the next Blog and for ever… May God continue to Bless the USA!