Tesla Motors

Tesla Motors header image for Manufacturing GreatsInnovation.  One of the main things that sets America apart from the rest. You might not know about Tesla Motors, but soon everyone will. They took electric cars to a new level.  It hasn’t even been 10 years and Tesla Motors has made some big waves in the automotive industry.  Since opening in 2003, the Silicon Valley-based Tesla Motors has opened the world’s eyes to the possibilities of electric cars, primarily with their Tesla Roadster, which was the first fully electric sports car ever created.  In 2007, General Motors’ then- Vice Chairman Robert Lutz said that the Tesla Roadster was the inspiration for him to push GM to develop the Chevrolet Volt.

Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk won the 2010 Automotive Executive of the Year Innovator Award for his innovation and contributions to the automotive industry.  In 2011, Tesla Motors raked in just under $205 million dollars of revenue and in February 2012, they generated a lot of buzz with their unveiling of the new Model X crossover SUV, set to hit streets in 2014. Tesla says that the new Model X is faster than a Porsche Carrera, being able to go 0 to 60 mph in about 4.4 seconds. The day after the Tesla unveiled the Model X in a flashy webcast, advance sales exceeded $40 million and it was also the third most searched term on Google. The future looks bright for Tesla motors.