Master Lock

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Made in America. Such powerful words considering the current manufacturing landscape, and the fact that pretty much anything you see in that room that you’re sitting in right now, has been manufactured in China, or some other foreign country.  We lost a ton of jobs and money, and not too much is being done to bring the jobs back.  Sure we get a lot of talk from all of these leaders and companies who will speak about the importance of keeping jobs in America, yet the next week they will send even more work to China or wherever.

There are only a few that are actually walking the walk.  Master Lock is one of those few.  They know the importance of keeping jobs on American soil and are choosing to do something about it. In February 2012, President Obama held a State of the Union address at Master Lock’s headquarters in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and praised Master Lock for their recent re-shoring efforts; bringing about 100 jobs back from overseas in the past two years.  Master Lock gets it.  What happened to American pride?  The rest of these big, successful companies need to learn from Master Lock’s efforts, stop with the greed, and invest in our nation’s future, or we won’t have a future.