Ford Motor Company

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Built Ford Tough.  That’s the way an American slogan should sound.  Ford Motor Co. has been one of our nation’s premier automobile manufacturers since the iconic Henry Ford set up shop in 1903.  In the early 20th century, Ford Motors revolutionized the assembly line concept, introducing the world to mass production lines and opening the nation’s eyes to a more productive way of doing business. Even with the longevity, Ford Motors has always found a way to adapt and stay successful.  In 2011, Ford Motors ranked number 10 on the Fortune 500, based on global revenues of $136.26 billion.

In early 2012, Ford Motors was praised by President Obama for their recent insourcing efforts, reportedly bringing 2,000 jobs back to America in the past two years.  Ford Motor Co. executive Mark Fields was quoted saying that the company plans to invest $16 billion and add 12,000 new American jobs by 2015. Also adding, “Rather than adding more capacity to our plant where we produce the current model down in Mexico, we are going to take that added capacity and we are going to invest it in our plant in Flatrock, Mich.”